Sage Advice

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Salvia_officinalis_01Culinary sage refers to a small group of the genus Salvia. These are evergreen perennial sub-shrubs with woolly grayish leaves that add an earthy freshness to foods. Spikes of purple/blue flowers appear in mid-summer.

Common Salvia officinalis is excellent for use as a seasoning in many different food preparation. Other varieties such as Berggarten’s sage, Garden Sage, and Purple Sage (aka Emperor Sage)can be used interchangeably in recipes.

Sage leaves are a popular poultry and meat seasoning. They can be used both fresh and dried. Fresh sage also makes a nice tea and is believed to aid in digestion. The leaves and branches are often used various crafts. You’ll often see sage in soaps, candles, wreaths, sachets, and air purification bundles.

Salvia officinalis

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